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The Project Group Flooring Division’s goal is to offer and supply our customers with the most effective and innovative industrial flooring solutions Texas has to offer. For each project that we participate in, we strive to improve the environment for our client’s and help them achieve a positive image while increasing productivity. In efforts to ensure this takes place, we focus the different chemical, physical, and mechanical factors incorporated in the working area, enabling us to provide the correct solution for the conditions. The most important step in installing a successful floor is the system selection.

We offer the following systems:

Industrial Floor and Wall Systems
Epoxy and Urethane Coatings and Slurry Systems. These are very efficient systems that can be adjusted towards any industry. Solutions range from heavy traffic areas, hygiene sensitive environments and harsh chemical resistance, to extreme temperatures and anti-slip textures. With our access to such a varied product line, we are confident that we can provide a solution for your specific environments.

Terrazzo Floors
Terrazzo floors are an elegant option when durability and aesthetics are important factors. Terrazzo offers an impermeable and easily maintained finish that lasts a lifetime. It is great for high traffic areas such as airports, schools, hotels, hospitals, convention centers and government buildings. With an unlimited color selection, we can accommodate the most creative schemes and designs.

Decorative Floors
There are many decorative floor systems available to choose from. Two of the more common systems incorporate blended color quarts or vinyl flakes to give infinite color scheme options. This style of coating has become popular where hygiene, aesthetics and high traffic durability are equally important. Requiring a low level of maintenance, decorative floor systems are ideal for commercial kitchens, health clubs, cafeterias, hospitals and break rooms

Polished and Stained Concrete
Polished concrete is the most economical, durable, and low maintenance system available. The products used in concrete polishing chemically react with the concrete, creating a hardening effect that increases durability and aids in scratch resistance. Pigments can be added to the process to achieve the desired finish and design. While these systems can hold up to years of abuse, polishing and staining can still compete with the typically more expensive decorative finishes. Polished concrete is ideal for warehouses, main corridors, offices and restaurants.

Floor Repair and Facility Maintenance
Facility maintenance is a common problem that often gets easily overlooked and forgotten. That is, until the health inspector arrives. Don’t let these violations become write-ups. We can provide repairs and re-coats for your failing floors or other problem areas such as machine bases and containment curbs. We also provide various solutions to repair floor that have low-lying areas or bird baths that collect water. Let us help you get this water to the drain. These durable, long lasting solutions can improve your safety and health reviews in a hurry.

Safety Lines, Labeling, and Striping
We offer optimum signage systems with high durability and abrasion resistance. These specialty systems enhance the organization of your facility and encourage good housekeeping practices that play a prevalent role in various industry wide standard systems.

Crack Treatment / Joint Repair
Cracks in your foundation can be devastating to a floor coating. We can provide solutions to repair these structural and superficial fissures. Our treatments are also very effective when used for control, expansion, or design joints.

Floor Drain Installation and Repair
Industrial floor drains are an integral part of sanitary processing and we can design and install stainless steel trench drains, hub drains and floor sinks as well as perform repairs on existing systems. Whether you need an industry standard size or a custom configuration our drains are engineered to maximize flow and minimize contamination buildup.

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