Juice Plant Upgrades; Dinuba, CA

Client: Odwalla

Total Project Cost: $28 million

  • Replacement of three pasteurizers for pathogen kill and efficiencies.
  • Design-build of new batch room. Designed the room, executed the proper permits, procured and installed the equipment.
  • Upgraded ammonia system by installing additional ammonia compressors and cooling towers resulting in increased cooling capacity needed to properly cool product.
  • Installed pigging system to recover valuable juice. This project had an eight month return on investment.
  • Allergen program and validation. Helped develop and validate the allergen program due to soymilk and nuts being additives to the product being produced.
  • Managed installation of UF/RO. This entailed room construction, floor drains, foundation epoxy flooring, utilities, process piping, start-up and commissioning.


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