Subsea Fiber Optic Telecommunications System

Client: British Petroleum (BP)

Total Project Cost: $100 million

The Project Group Consulting provided Project Engineering support services to BP on their Fiber Optic Project. This project was a first-of-its-kind project for the Gulf of Mexico. It brought high band-width, low latency communications to Oil & Gas platforms in the deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The cable runs from Pascagoula MS to Freeport TX and extends into the deepwater blocks (up 5000-6000 ft water depths) in the GoM. The project required working with a telecommunications cable company for laying the subsea fiber optic cable and components. It also required working with the Production Platforms to install and integrate the equipment on the platforms.

  • System design and integration. Defined total scope and structure of the network. Interfaced between the telecomm industry and the oil and gas industry to integrate oilfield design, operational and safety practices.
  • Landing stations. Performed feasibility studies for onshore landing sites, secured property with private and state agencies and monitored the installation through construction completion and startup.
  • Platform installations. Worked closely with client’s engineering and operations personnel for integration of equipment onto offshore facilities, including engineering and design, scheduling of work, management of change, procedural reviews, hazards identifications, and documentation.
  • Riser cable analysis and component design. Worked with analytical engineering company to perform the analysis of the dynamic riser cables at platforms where subsea connections were not available. Worked with the telecommunications company to develop unique components for all aspects of riser installations.
  • Regulatory and permitting. Worked with BP’s Regulatory Group to prepare applications to Federal and State agencies (MMS, USCG, ABS, GLO of TX, etc.) for all aspects of the project.
  • Installation and construction management. Involved in all aspects of installation and construction of the system, from subcontractor selection and qualification to on-site construction management oversight. Was on-site at platforms during equipment installation, riser pull-ins, startup and commissioning.
  • System operation and maintenance. Established preventive maintenance routine for annual operations of all system equipment. Managed all maintenance activities for onshore Cable Station facilities including emergency generators, Heating/Ventilation & Air Conditioning systems, Landscaping and grounds upkeep, etc. Handled maintenance and corrective issues when needed for unplanned failures. Coordinated with local utility locating companies for prevention of onshore cable damage from third party construction activities.
  • Fiber system expansion support. Lead Engineer for BP to support expansion of the fiber optic network. This included providing development scenario definitions, cost estimates, schedules, topsides and subsea integration plans and liaison support between the project team and Tyco telecommunications for multiple field developments. Also provided engineering support and oversight for the tie-in of two new third-party platforms to the BP Fiber System. Provided construction management at both cable station locations for necessary expansions.

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