You need to carefully consider certain factors before choosing a floor for an industrial plant. When choosing an industrial flooring solution, you need to remember that it is probably going to be subjected to a lot more abuse than floors in residential properties and business premises.

The floor takes a beating from heavy metals and machinery. Therefore, it needs to be robust and strong. But there are other factors to consider depending on the industry, such as safety from fire and slipping hazards. Those in the food industry need to have flooring that is easy to clean and can uphold the highest standards of hygiene. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing an industrial flooring solution.


When it comes to industrial flooring, spills are not uncommon. There are often many processes going on at any time. A spill is to be expected at some point, but without the proper protection it can lead to accidents that could be costly for the company. A slip-resistant floor is necessary for upholding safety standards.

One of the most common solutions for reducing spilling is installing a polyurethane floor. It is enhanced to resist slipping and damage from harsh chemicals. Polyurethane is smooth and non-porous and easier to clean than concrete.

Polyurethane is also beneficial where the highest standards of hygiene are required. That is why it is a common option in the food and beverage industry. Since it has no joints, you can easily remove germs and dirt by mopping.

Is the Floor Suitable for High Traffic Areas?

A suitable industrial flooring solution for high traffic areas should be made from a material that can handle heavy foot traffic and constant bombardment from machinery. The floor should not only be easy to clean but should also require little maintenance.

One of the options that industries have is concrete. It is inexpensive and does not require a lot of maintenance. Concrete is also stronger than most of the other materials such as vinyl, hardwood, or tile. The cost for this type of industrial flooring repair is low. That is because you can mold concrete to fit different contours and shapes.

Another suitable type of floor that has some significant advantages is the steel plate. Steel plates are strong, rigid, and more lightweight when compared to concrete. Therefore, they can be useful as structural support for parts of the building. Unfortunately, steel is prone to corrosion and can be expensive. You can avoid corrosion by applying a suitable chemical coating.

Zoning and Markings

Another factor you cannot afford to ignore when looking for a suitable industrial flooring solution is zoning. Zoning is done to create spaces and mark lines on the floor so that walkways and working areas are easy to identify.

These zones can improve the efficiency of the plant. Staff can quickly identify storage areas and where tools should be kept. It makes navigation easier so that employees are not always bumping into each other across the floor.

Zoning is particularly important for any food processing plant designs. In the food processing industry, it is crucial to avoid cross-contamination between different areas on the plant. Different zones are drawn on the floor, indicating where raw foods are processed against areas set aside for packaging.

Markings are made with special anti-slip tape using certain color standards to indicate the different sections on the floor. However, some organizations may want to apply their preferred colors to match their brand. It is always a good idea to consult an industrial flooring expert to help you make the right installation decisions.


When choosing an industrial flooring solution, certain factors cannot be ignored. Safety is one of the most important considerations. Some floors can be installed quickly because they cure fast. However, these floors may be poor options when it comes to slip-resistance and safety. You need to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the floor and what it will be subject to. It is always a good idea to consult an expert before choosing an industrial flooring solution.