It doesn’t matter if you are working as part of a team developing a new internal software or a construction crew helping build large new buildings, project management is a crucial step to your success. In fact, the construction industry, in particular, is growing quite rapidly. In 2017, they added over 200,000 jobs.

Managing projects across teams of people can be challenging and exciting. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful tips we have learned that translate well in any industry or country.

Understand Every Facet of the Project

This is the most crucial step to a successful project. Let’s take an example from everyday life to get a better idea of what is going on here. Most people don’t bother to plan out their day or week. Want to know why? Because they “don’t have time.” However, study after study shows that daily and weekly planning increases productivity, allowing people to get more done in less time! It is estimated that daily planning can give a person up to two hours of extra time in the day.

The same is true for successful project management. Understanding a project inside and out before launching into the actual work can not only speed up project completion time, but it also helps keep everyone on the same page and moving towards the same goal, which increases motivation and moral.

Find a Qualified Project Manager

Outsourcing your project management needs can be the best thing you can do for your project. Having a qualified project manager to oversee the entire project will ensure that all of the pieces are progressing as they should be. A qualified project manager will also be able to think critically and overcome roadblocks and obstacles as they come up, pivoting the project as necessary. This will free up your time to continue focusing on the big picture for your organization as the project progresses.

Define and Celebrate Critical Milestones

This is especially true for longer projects that will take more time and energy. Defining critical milestones will help give people who are working on the project small goals to work towards throughout the process. Celebrate these milestones as they are completed and recognize the employees and members of the group who have helped to make that milestone happen. One of the best ways to keep people having fun and engaged is by giving them clear and achievable goals to work towards and celebrating those goals when they accomplish them.

Establish Clear Lines of Communication

Having clear lines of communication is key to project management. However, the type of communication within a specific project group might be different than a traditional corporate-style communication hierarchy. For effective project management, ensure that when roadblocks or questions come up, people can quickly and easily communicate with those who have the authority within the project group to make a decision. This will keep everyone working efficiently and effectively.

Use a Project Management Tool

We are living in the 21st Century. With that comes a plethora of technology that can help make project management much more effective. Communication is key right? So use efficient tools for communication, video calls, and task and project management. Using technology can enhance your ability to effectively manage projects. In particular, having the proper project management tools is crucial to project management success.

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