There are many choices to consider when deciding on industrial flooring for your business. Safety, cost, and cleanliness are a few of the most important factors. Whether you’re a food processing plant or an automation engineering company, polished concrete may be the best industrial flooring solution for you.

Here’s why:


The average strength of concrete is 3,000 psi. Some concrete can even reach strengths of over 20,000 psi. The process used to polish concrete creates a chemical reaction that adds an extra hardening effect, increasing durability and scratch resistance to your industrial flooring solution. With polished concrete, you can rest easy knowing that your industrial flooring will hold up to whatever machinery or traffic you’ll need in your business.


Concrete is the most economical of all industrial flooring solutions. It is also the most low-maintenance option which will save you money in cleaning labor. The shiny look of polished concrete has a marble-like appearance, which will give you a beautiful floor for a much lower cost. Concrete also molds into whatever shape you’ll need for your flooring. If you have a business with an unusual layout, you won’t have to worry about paying more for extra cutting and shaping of pre-made flooring.


If you are looking for industrial flooring solutions for the food processing industry, beverage industry, or dairy industry, the ability to effectively clean your floors is of utmost importance. Unfinished concrete is porous which can hold leaks and spills and lead to bacteria growth. However, the finish on polished concrete is almost like epoxy, which makes it moisture- and bacteria-resistant. Polished concrete’s smooth finish makes it easier to spray off and thoroughly clean.

Overall, polished concrete is a safe, cost-effective and clean choice for your industrial flooring needs. Whichever choice you make for your industrial flooring, The Project Group Consulting are the professionals you need for your project. Search “Industrial Flooring Solutions Texas” or contact The Project Group to discuss your industrial flooring solutions.